Panchakarma Treatments

Panchakarma Treatments

The five cleansing therapies

Experience a full Panchakarma treatment at River View Spa. Panchakarma is the ancient Ayurvedic system of rejuvenation to facilitate the removal of deep-rooted stress and impurities in the body and is recommended to maintain and promote health, as well as to restore balance in those suffering from illness.

Panchakarma are the 5 cleansing therapies in addition to the Rasayanas [as described above]

Panchakarma Treatments consist of these additional elements:

      • Initial Supportive and Followup Consultation
      • Nutrition consultation
      • Vamana – therapeutic emesis
      • Virochana – purgation
      • Basti – herbal enemas
      • Nasya – application of herbal medicated oils through the nose
      • Raktamoksha – detoxification of the blood

Five Day Panchakarma

All inclusive, private $2,700.00

All inclusive, shared $2,400.00 per person

Seven Day Panchakarma

All inclusive, private $3,700.00

All inclusive, shared $3,400.00 per person

9 Day Panchakarma

Single – $4,600

Panchakarma Treatments

Seven Day panchakarma treatment program

The seven day panchakarma treatment program that is designed for each individual and will consist of Ayurvedic consultation, massage, steam, herbal and oil treatments, instruction in Yoga postures, Pranayama [breathing practices] and meditation.

The seven day program begins before your arrival.
You will fill out a health questionnaire and have an initial phone consultation. From this information, you will be given specific herbs and/or medicated ghee to help prepare the body prior to arrival.


Five Day Panchakarma Treatment Program

Five Day Panchakarma program consists of everything in the seven Day Panchakarma program, but Dr. Sullivan will determine, based upon chronic conditions and previous Panchakarma experience, if the Seven Day program is more conducive to good results.

Additional Services

(See Packages for pricing)
A vigorous and soothing warm oil massage by two practitioners, designed to break up toxins (ama) and stimulate circulation. Followed by Swedana (Ayurvedic herbal steam treatment that bathes the body in warm aromatic steam to help remove toxins locked in the tissues) and Ubtan (herbal flour powder) a powerful exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlying tissues of the skin and Hot Towel Treatment to remove toxins and relax the soft tissue. Nasya Herbalized oils taken in nostrils to loosen and clear sinus passages.

(See Packages for pricing)
An Abhyanga, followed by a deep muscular treatment, Swedana, Ubtan, a Hot Towel Treatment for certain body types and conditions to break up adhesions and stimulate circulation. Nasya Herbalized oils taken in nostrils to loosen and clear sinus passages. Swedana Ayurvedic herbal steam treatment that bathes the body in warm aromatic steam to help remove toxins locked in the tissues.

Chiropractic Treatment
Physiotherapy, manipulation, moist heat, electrical stimulation, trigger point and individual postural analysis.

Netra Basti
An oil bath for your eyes to relieve tension and fatigue from your eyes, to improve eyesight, balance the nervous system, and smooth away wrinkles.

A head, neck and shoulder treatment followed by a warm herbalized oil stream poured on and across the forehead to help soothe and balance the entire nervous system.

Ayurvedic Consultation
An individual appointment using physical examination and pulse diagnosis to understand your body type (dosha) and determine the correct treatment plan, nutrition and lifestyle for your personal needs. Ayurveda book included with consultation


Abhyanga, Swedana, Ubtan, Hot Towel treatment

Abhyanga, Swedana, Ubtan and Shirodhara

Vishesh, Swedana, Ubtan, Hot Towel Treatment

Rasayana (Rejuvenating) Weekend
Single – $1,000
Couples – $900

3 Day Bliss Experience
Single – $1,500
Couples – $1,300

5 Day Panchakarma
Single – $2,700
Couple – $ 2,400

7 Day Panchakarma
Single – $3,700
Couples – $3,400

9 Day Panchakarma
Single – $4,600
Couples – $3,900

Packages with extended stays include:

  • Private accommodations,
  • Two yoga classes daily,
  • Specially prepared vegetarian meals,
  • All treatments,
  • Consultations
  • Herbs and products

All treatments are done with two therapists using only the highest quality organic products.