"The lectures and yoga classes at Yogaville along with the Riverview Spa staff and personal interaction and time with Dr. Sullivan made my experience of Panchakarma something that healed my body, mind and spirit."
LH, Columbus, OH

"I came for Panchakarma with so much 'stuff' that I was amazed at how much I had let go of and healed in only seven days! The education and consultations given by Dr. Sullivan will help continue in the Ayurvedic lifestyle."
PT, Falls Church, VA

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Our Special Packages with extended stays include: private accommodations, two yoga classes daily, specially prepared vegetarian meals, all treatments, consultations, herbs and products!

Learn more about Ayurveda - its history and origins, its power and simplicity, how it can easily become a way of living a very healthy and vibrant life.

Healing Treatments at River View Spa


One of the primary goals of Ayurveda is preserving health; Rasayanas (rejuvinating treatments) are considered the primary method for maintaining health and vigor.

Abhyanga - a vigorous and soothing warm oil massage by two practitioners, designed to break up toxins (ama) and stimulate circulation.

Medicated oils are massaged into the body with specialized strokes and marma point pressure. The massage helps the body absorb the oils in preparation for the main panchakarma [described below] therapy, but it can also be used to pacify vata and for cleansing and rejuvenation.

Followed by Swedana (steam) to bring toxins to the skin's surface and Ubtan (herbal flour powder) a powerful exfoliating treatment that stimulates the underlaying tissues of the skin and Hot Towel Treatment to remove toxins and relax the soft tissue.

Vishesh An Abhyanga, followed by a deep muscular massage, Swedana, Ubtan, a Hot Towel Treatment for certain body types and conditions to break up adhesions and stimulate circulation.

Swedana Ayurvedic herbal steam treatment that bathes the body in warm aromatic steam to help remove toxins locked in the tissues.

Netra Basti - Eye Rejuvenation

This is one of the most nourishing and rejuvenating therapies for the eyes. It is performed by filling a dam (made out of dough and placed around the eyes) with a lukewarm medicated ghee (clarified butter) or medicated oil. This therapy helps relieve eye strain, improve vision, pacify the doshas in the head area, and is used for a wide variety of eye ailments. An oil bath for your eyes to relieve tension and fatigue from your eyes, to improve eyesight, balance the nervous system, and smooth away wrinkles.

Shirodhara - Mental Rejuvenation

This treatment consists in pouring warm oil in a slow steady stream on the forehead. It pacifies the subtle aspects of all the doshas, nourishes the nervous system, promoting relaxation and tranquility, and improves mental clarity and comprehension. When done in a series, it can help with certain neurological and mental imbalances as well. Because of the profound effects it has upon the consciousness, it has often been called "Bliss Therapy." Its benefits are greatly enhanced after a massage or Abhyanga, when the body is already relaxed and in a receptive state.

Ayurvedic Consultation - An individual appointment using physical examination and pulse diagnosis to understand your body type (dosha) and determine the correct treatment plan and lifestyle for your personal needs.

Chiropractic Treatment - Physiotherapy, manipulation, moist heat, electrical stimulation, trigger point and individual postural analysis.

Please see our Prices & Packages page for costs and options for Rasayana.


Panchakarma [5 cleansing therapies] is the ancient Ayurvedic system of rejuvenation to facilitate the removal of deep-rooted stress and impurities in the body.

Panchakarma is recommended to maintain and promote health, as well as to restore balance in those suffering from illness.

The seven day program that is designed for each individual and will consist of Ayurvedic consultation, massage, steam, herbal and oil treatments, instruction in Yoga postures, Pranayama [breathing practices] and meditation.

The 7 day program actually begins before your arrival.

You will fill out a health questionnaire and have an initial phone consultation. From this information, you will be given specific herbs and/or medicated ghee to help prepare the body prior to arrival.

Panchakarma are the 5 cleansing therapies - in addition to Rasayana [rejuvinating] Treatments [as described above]

    Panchakarma Treatments consist of these additional elements:
  • Initial Supportive and Followup Consultation
  • Vamana - therapeutic emesis
  • Virochana - purgation
  • Basti - herbal enemas
  • Nasya - application of herbal medicated oils through the nose
  • Raktamoksha - detoxification of the blood
Five or Seven Day Panchakarma Treatments?

Five Day Panchakarma program consists of everything in the 7 Day Panchakarma program, but Dr. Sullivan will determine, based upon chronic conditions and previous Panchakarma experience, if the Seven Day program is more conducive to good results.

Cost of the Five Day Panchakarma Treatment

All inclusive, private room - $2,400.00

All inclusive, shared room - $2,200.00 per person

Cost of the Seven Day Panchakarma Treatment

All inclusive, private room - $3,200.00

All inclusive, shared room - $2,950.00 per person

Please see our Prices & Packages page for information on more packages.